Matthew Kerr


My love for music started as a child, growing up amid the small but concentrated music scene in my home town of St Albans, playing with my best friend Fred at an early age. I first got into performing at primary school, acting and singing in musicals and plays, and have since been spotted performing across the UK, from the Edinburgh Fringe to the West End.

I am a full-time street artist, wedding singer and song writer, among all the other musicy bits and bobs. I am currently travelling the world singing and playing my strat, getting involved in all the music scenes, busking spots and tasting all the different types of coffee and cake as I go. After graduating from my degree in music in 2014 my work as a musician is developing, and I hope one day to leave an interesting and creative stamp on the world. My dream was always to write music, so make sure to check out the different sounds and genres of music I wrote in my music section.


‘Following this performance I made a frantic dash to the Elevator Bar, just in time to catch Matt Kerr perform on ever-changing guitars. Kerr was able to show off his sublime technical knowledge to the slowly growing crowd and by the end of his set most of the bar were hoping for a couple more songs.’ 

= By Ciaran Steward. = By Matthew Warnock

= http://thresholdfestival.blogspot


My solo performances are often described as having a clean electric sound, but i’m also a self confessed “crazy noise freak” who can’t help playing with truly ridiculous sounds and techniques when it comes to live shows. I was fortunate enough to be able to build up this artistry alongside my talented uni friends who joined me in my band MURF playing loadsa festivals and gigs together, while we homed our skills during University.


‘Matt Kerr is a singer, songwriter and performer to watch. He writes memorable lyrics, catchy riffs, and hard-driving groove, with the ability to engage audiences around the globe’

= By Matt Warnock


I write music for others and most recently am writing and arranging songs for my latest adventure in Brazil “The Skinnies Project”. I’ve been involved in many projects, writing for artists including “MAYAN” (house music), “Plinky Plonky” a cute pop english duo, Rap artist “Cape Coloured Kid”, and am soon to be writing a score for a Brazilian Short film.

I’m certainly not planning on sticking to one genre any time soon, and am currently enjoying learning from all the completely ludicrous and different scenarios I keep finding myself in. Whether it’s a Brazilian band for Kids Concerts, touring Europe as a guitar duo,  arranging work for a South American covers Bands, French Cover bands, studio work, weddings, singing in a new language, or just writing for myself, I feel truly blessed every day and can’t wait for the time when the right project or idea comes along for me to focus all my learning into something deserving.


I have worked with Ian Matthews, Paul Townrow, Matt Warnock, John Wheatcroft. Guilherme Vincens, Joe Broughton. Ben Stafford, Kaya Hersted Karney to name a few . . . and hosted my own Band night in Chester for 8 months, integrating me into the chester music scene. Through this I met loads of awesome musicians and artists from Chester and Liverpool, including SparrowHawks (bbc introducing), Scarlet (Bob Geldofs support), SoulRays, Rob Jones, The Green Room, Nightflies, Sticky Soles, the whole ‘University scene’ and many many countless more.


From my time playing gigs and busking I have a deep love for a city that has been so kind to me over the years, “Liverpool”,  and after getting to know most the public and tourists who pass through Chester, I look forward to coming back to this bigger musical city to play with all the incredible talent on offer.

From St. Albans to Chester, from Europe to South America, times are changing and my repertoire is growing. You can follow where I go, what I do next, listen to my new creations, watch my new vids, and see all my difficult food decisions on the links below and on my website.

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