Matthew Kerr

Lovin You – Video

1. better

This is a recent video made from a song I wrote for my University Band “MURF”

Thanks to Mark Howarth on drums and Tom Winch on guitar. Just missing our bassist Phil Tweedle, but i guess the settee just isn’t big enough.

Check out the Video HERE

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Jim’s Pick ‘n’ Mix

Chosen alongside the freshest new talents in this weeks addition of Jim’s Pick ‘n’ Mix

3. pick'n'mix

Check out the write up, which song of mine he chose, and all the other fantastic unsigned artists HERE


The Skinnies Project

The Skinnies Project is the most recent of my projects in Brazil. Mixing Brazilian music with the best Britain has to Offer.

We’re four Guys who sing and play guitar among other bits and bobs, jamming on stage with fiddles, mandolins, drummers, Irish singers, and always inviting people to play with us. So far every gig has been different, and every gig has been great fun.

2. the skinnies

Really looking forward to whats in store.

Check out our Facebook page HERE, for videos, photos and to find out our next gigs.


Softening up 50 Cent










Today’s cover serves as Mine and Winch’s best effort to Chill out our favourite Hard Men

Check it out HERE

*DID YOU KNOW* = 50 Cent has made most his money through investing in the Vitamin Water that is in Coca-Cola

Pauline from the Lovelies

paulines photo








I’ve been dancing with a lovely lady called Pauline for a little while now. She shows up every now and then to join me for a song or two when i busk.

I recently found out she’s been on X-FACTOR and she is an absolute STAR. Check her out HERE . . . It always brings a smile to my day and i look forward to dancing with you soon Pauline.


Cabin Crazy










Letting the Crazy sink in, stuck in our Cabin in Vienna as the rain goes absolutely mental.

Nothing but guitars and monopoly to stave away the insanity




Another session with Jim covering the very talented new act RHODES

What an absolute gem he is, definitely one to look out for in the future

Check out our cover on youtube HERE